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Cheerleading 101: Stunt Progression Checklist

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Click the name of the stunt or pyramid for pictures
Also see the Stunting page for drills and explanations of how to stunt safely
(Thanks to Ms. Pineapple, CheerWiz, American Cheerleader, Expert Village, and Varsity for pics and videos of stunts)


C= "Coaching Cheerleading Successfully" V= Fundamentals of Basic Stunting (beginner/intermediate)
H= "The Official Cheerleader's Handbook" V=  Basic Partner Stunts and Transitions (intermediate/advanced)
U= "The Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading"   More videos we'd like to get
Start  Here
  Cheerleading tems Glossary  
  Basic stunting safety  /  Video  
  Stunt group drills  
  Step lock climb  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
  Step-off / Shove wrap / Bear hugs  / Written Instructions (Middle of page)  
  Basic Stunting technique shown in pictures  /  Video  
Core Stunts
Pee Wee and Easy Beginner stunts
  Thigh hitch on floor  /  Written Instructions  
  Kneeling pony sit  /  Written Instructions  
H Pony sit  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
  Kneeling shoulder sit   
  Kneeling double-based thigh stand  
Kneeling single-based thigh stands
  Kneeling thigh stand hitch  /  Video  (Beginning only)
  Kneeling thigh stand heel stretch
  Kneeling thigh stand scale or Nike  /  Video  (2:30 mark)
  Pee Wee table stand  /  Written Instructions  
  Turtle Bow and Arrow  /  Written Instructions  
Easier Intermediate stunts
V/U Double-based Thigh Stand  /  Written Instructions  /   Video
U Thigh stand step-off  
V/U Thigh stand pop-off  /  Video  
H Rear thigh stand  /   Video (up to 7 seconds)  
C Russian lift  /  Video  
  Thigh stand hitch  /  Video  
U Thigh stand hitch step-up pop-off  
U/H Single-based thigh stands  /  Written Instructions /  Video  
U/H Single-based thigh stand heel stretch  /  Written Instructions  /  Video
H Double-based torch  /  Victory Mount
H Walk-up knees on back  
U/H Walk-up table stand (on ground)   
Easier Intermediate stunts
U/H Walk-up Shoulder sit  /  Video  
U/H Shrug-off pop front and back  
  Shoulder sit  /  Video (front dismoun)  Video (rear dismount)  
  Sitting Pretty  
U/H L-stand to Shoulder sit  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
V Assist to shoulder sit     (Can use same set-up as toss toe touch below, & add a toe pitch from front.)  Video (3:52 minutes in)  
V Assist down  
  Shrug-on shoulder sit  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
H Flying Angels  
U/H Forearm Stand (on ground from shoulder sit)  
H Toss Toe Touch  /  Video  /  Multi-base  /  Multi-base video  
Harder Intermediate stunts
  Thigh stand to prep straddle / video  
  Ground up low shoulder straddle  
U Thigh stand to press straddle  
C Russian lift to extended straddle  
  Hanging Lib T lift  /  Video (1:10 in)  
  Thigh stand to hanging lib  /  Video  
  Twist up to hanging lib T lift  
  Twist up to thigh stand  
U/H Thigh stand load to chair  
U/H Walk up chair  
U/H Ground up chair  
Harder Intermediate stunts
  Walk-up kneeling Shoulder stand hitch  
  Walk-up kneeling Shoulder stand  
  Step-off from shoulder stand  
U/H/C Walk-up shoulder stand / Double shoulder stand / Written Instructions / Video
Step-off/shove wrap front spot  /  Written Instructions (Middle of page)
C Walk-up back stand to shoulder stand  
U Ground up shoulder stand with post / Written Instructions / Video  
Harder Intermediate stunts
  T lift to Flatback  /  Written Instructions  
  Flat-back to pretty girl  /  front arabesque   
  Log roll  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
  K Lift or Sailor  / Roll-down Written instructions  
U Low Shoulder Split  / Written Instructions / Video  
  T / Bridge Arabesque / Video (Swedish falls)  
  Backward roll handstand split  /  Written Instructions  
U Extended splits  
C Shoulder stand to ext. shoulder split  
  Chateau split  /  Written Instructions  
Preparing for Preps
V/V Hang drill  /  Written Instructions   /  Video of sponge  
V/U Step n go load / Video  
V/V/U Hop n go load /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
U Walk-off landing stage/low prep  
  Show-n-go prep/elevator Video  (4:08 minutes in)  
V/U Shove wrap stage/low prep  
U Walk-off shoulder prep  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
V/V/U Shove wrap  /  pop-down shoulder prep / Video  
Prep Variations and Transitions
V/V/U Sponge/retake  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
  Prep Load L  
  Prep load arabesque  
V/U/C Shoulder sit to prep /   Written Instructions  /  Video (3:52 minutes in)  
  Thigh stand hitch to prep  /  Video (1:25 minutes in)  
V/U Thigh stand to prep  
  Prep to hitch  /  Video  
U Ground up load to prep  
U Single back load to prep  /  Video  
  Prep to split to prep  /  Video  (3:52 minutes in)  
  Spinning prep  /  Video  (3:52 minutes in)  
  Chair to prep  
  Flat-back to prep  /  Video  
  Straddle to prep / Handstand to teddy bear to prep Video  
V Double-hook retake / Written Instructions  
  Front Spot somersault load in / Written Instructions  
  Drop forward/pendulum  /  Video  
  Sitting Pretty reload / Written Instructions  
  Show-n-go prep or extension to Star  
U Leapfrog  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
  Around the world load-in  /  Written Instructions  
  Twist-over load-in  /  Written Instructions  
V/U 180 load to prep / Written Instructions / Video  
  180 load to straddle  /  Video  
U 360 load to prep(full up) / More Written Instructions / Video  
  Straddle split twist up  /  Written Instructions  /  Video (:20 in)  
Cradles and other advanced dismounts
(dismounts from thigh stand and preps not basket tosses)
  Cradle drill  /  Written Instructions  
V/V/U/C Straight cradle  /  Written Instructions  /  Video   (slow motion)  
  Cradle retake to thigh stand  
V/V/U Cradle retake to prep  /  Video  
  Pretty girl  /  Video  
U Waterfall  /  drop backward  /  Written Instructions  
  Double Dead Man Fall  /  Written Instructions  
  Half twist dead man fall  /  Written Instructions  
  360 Flyover  /  Written Instructions  
  Pike / Written Instructions / Video  
  Toe touch  /  Written Instructions / Video  
  Scissor kick  
  Ball X-out / Written Instructions / Video  
  Double based suspended forward roll/vault / Written Instructions  
Full twist down cradle (waist level prep launch or from thigh stand)
V/U Full twist down cradle / Written Instructions / Video  
  Double full /  Video  
One-legged prep stunts
  Prep to low liberty  / Written Instructions / Video  
V/U Ground up sandwich prep liberty / Video  
  Low heel stretch / Written Instructions / Video  
U Shoulder sit to prep liberty  
  Prep level Arabesque  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
V/U Step-n-go prep liberty / Scorpion  
  Low Scale  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
V/U ¼ turn prep liberty  
U Show-n-go stretch/bottle rocket  / Written InstructionsVideo  
  Prep to press extension to pop cradle or sweep  / Video  
Advanced and Elite Stunts, Transitions, & Pyramids
  More advanced stunts  
  Huge list of advanced stunts and transitions at CheerWiz  
  Clips of stunts videos with Saleem Habash  
  Transitions from Varsity  
  Advanced stunts from Varsity  
  Elite stunts from Varsity  
  Stunt archives from American Cheerleader  
  New stunts from American Cheerleader  
  Stunt group video clips  
  Excellent videos for learning all levels of stunts  
Pyramids for Beginner and Intermediate teams
Use backspots for all flyers
  Low hitch Pee Wee pyramid  
  Medium Hitch Pee Wee pyramid  
  Pee Wee pyramid  
  Pee Wee outside heel stretch pyramid  
  Pee Wee inside heel stretch pyramid  
  Pee Wee Swedish Falls  
  Pee Wee kneeling shoulder sits pyramid  
  Pee Wee cradle pyramid  
  Pee Wee forward hitch pyramid  
  Pee Wee straddle pyramid  
Pee Wee pony pyramid
  Pee Wee kneeling pyramid  
  Small thigh stand hitch pyramid  /  Written Instructions  /  Video  
  Medium thigh stand hitch pyramid  
  Large thigh stand hitch pyramid  
  Large thigh stand hitch & table stand pyramid  
  Thigh stand pyramid  
  W Thigh stand stag / Written Instructions / Video  
  Baby Doll pyramid  
  Sitting Pretty pyramid  
  Nike Pony Pyramid  
  Pony pyramid  
  Small Fan Pyramid  
  Large Fan Pyramid  
  Jr. Swedish Falls  
  Asymmetrical pyramid  
  Modified Diamond Head pyramid  
  Stair Step Totem Pole / Written Instructions / Video  
  Table Top / Written Instructions / Video  
  Open Book / Written Instructions / Video  
  Lib Tree / Written Instructions / Video  
  Double Shoulder Stand Hitch  
  Lib Hang / Written Instructions / Video