AES Cougar Cheerleading

Our Code of Conduct

You are representatives of our school and we expect you to put your best foot forward at all times in the classroom, at games and practices, and out in the world at large. Please remember that good sportsmanship is an important part of being a cheerleader. That means we build our school’s or an individual’s spirit up without ever putting another school or person down.

Our Goals

1)  To have fun! :^D
2)  To develop our skills in leadership, cooperation, perseverance, and in the 
     giving and receiving of constructive criticism.
3)  To support our sports teams and boost school spirit.
4)  To represent our school as a sports team in our own right.
5)  To reach out to the community as school ambassadors.
6)  To prepare ourselves for high school cheerleading.

Our Rules

1)  The coach is the adult, you are the child. That makes her the boss.
2)  Do not leave the practice, game, or competition area without first checking in with the coach.
3)  No tumbling or stunting when the coach is not in the room.
4)  This is cheerleading practice, not playtime. You are here to work not hang out.
5)  Be respectful of others and yourself, whether it concerns feelings or personal space and belongings.
6)  Be respectful of the building. Remember, we are guests here so we need to be on our very best    
           a. Hands off of what is not ours.
           b. Make sure your belongings are not in the way on the stairs or on the hallway floors.
           c. Please be very quiet in the hallways and on the stairs.